Is ofPath the right choice for drawing 3d lines?

To draw 3d lines to screen is it good to use ofPath so that I can manipulate it using ofNode as well for making complex tranformations?

no, ofPath although it supports some limited 3d is better suited to doing 2d stuff. if you want to do 3d then ofMesh or of3dPrimitive (which already includes an ofNode) are more appropriated

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Thank you arturo for the insight. My application requires that the line should pierce through a plane and the user should feel that it is piercing through. Hope that this effect can be bought when we use of3Dprimitive. I had already implemented this in processing, but I need to port this to OF.

3D in Processing is the same as 3D in OpenFrameworks. ofMesh and of3dPrimitive will allow you to build a mesh. You can use a cylinder to “pierce” the plane. You will probably need some shadows so that the user understands the scene.

@Hennio using a cylinder to mimick a line is a great idea ! One quick question - How do you comment on the use of ofMesh and ofVboMesh?