Is ofFbo compliant with of_pixels_I420 ? says Framebuffer unsupported

hi everyone,

i’m currently working on lpmt (little projection mapping tool), and trying to set a cam sampler functionnality, using a fork of ofxPlaymodes and latest OF master from github.

things work quite good when i use the default colorspace RGB, but i have previously noticed that i got far more latency in displaying cam stream with rgb colorspace than when using I420.

the problem is that when i use I420 to grab cam devices, i got a blinking/glitching image when turning my gui off (and only when i turn it off, if i let it on the stream displays well). I also get a lot of errors like those(gui on or off):


So could ofFbo handle this I420 pixel format?
I don’t really understand what goes wrong with the gui, if anyone has an idea how i can’t correct this… cause the blinking/glitching is quite nice to look at, but it’s not what i expected :smile: