Is of a right solution to record videos via cam?

I am quite new at of and would like to know whether I am in right place.
I am planning a project which records videos via a (web)cam on the desktop and upload video files to server with some information. Is of right solution? Everything need to be done an application.

  1. Start to record video via cam
  2. Save a video file
  3. Input user information
  4. Upload video file with user information to server.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do all of this with oF.

The only problem might be encoding the video depending on which platform you are using. I don’t think linux has a good oF solution for saving a video file. Then again I’m sure you could just delegate that task to ffmpeg or something.

You’ll want to do this no matter what because the file size will be huge if you are capturing straight to video as opposed to encoding the entire file after the fact. You’ll be able use more advanced and efficient encoders that can do things like 2pass and variable bit rate encoding if you re-encode with an external program.

I don’t think linux has a good oF solution for saving a video file.

indeed it has ; )

i uploaded this version some time ago:

which is a test version for what is going to be the videoplayer and videograbber in 007 if it works right. it has a new gstreamer engine capable of using custom pipelines, it should be a matter of doing something like:


ofGstUtils gst;  


gst.setPipelineWithSink("v4l2src ! ffenc_mpeg4 ! filesink location=video.mp4");;  

to record a video from your webcam encoded as mp4. it should be even possible to record audio in sync using also alsasrc.

Thank you for the answers. I already started and on the process now.