Is OF a good idea for my project?

Hey Guys,

I’m a real noob with regards to programming but the project I want to do doesn’t work very well in Virtools so I’m considering doing some actual coding myself. I have, however, no idea about what compiler to use and what engine/set of libraries and what have you. Some general advice would be appreciated.

My project is an audio-only game that requires players to react to sounds being played in different locations in the stereo spectrum by pressing different keys on the keyboard (on pc). I only intend to add very minimalistic visuals (probably only in 3d) but I need good control over the sound with regards to it moving from the left to the right channel, etc. Several instances of the same sound should be able to be played at the same time, each with their own panning (left-right location).

Is somethign like that possible with OF libraries? Or can you recommend another approach for me? Do I even make sense at all?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Yes this is definitely possible with OF.

Regarding the panning, the easiest is to use the ofSoundPlayer object, or if you want more lower level control, you can use the ofSoundStream object.

What about doing the visuals in OF and the sound in SuperCollider?. The communication can be done with OSC.

For simple sample playback and panning using Supercollider and OSC is kind of overkill though…especially when OF does that out of the box.