Is OF a good choice to create an Image Browser?


I am new to OF but have game dev experience. I am interested in creating an image browser using a custom UI. I tried QT but i really don’t like how bloated it feels. I could also go Mac and do it all with Cocoa but want to support Windows users.

I see there are tons of UI options here but would need some general directions:

I need:

  • Anchors so the UI will scale nicely.
  • Custom widgets. With my own graphics, pngs, etc
  • Grid view made of cells.
  • Cell properties that i can reuse.
  • Fonts with retina support.


If you mean UI only, then no, oF is not meant to be used for this kind of projects. Although its quite possible to make something like this, it’ll require quite a bunch of know-how to implement those things you are asking for by yourself. The UI modules in oF are kept as basic and lightweight as possible by design, and they are not really user-friendly. Mostly they are developer-friendly.

I think a lot of people made something fairly close to what you’re asking, so you can try to search for something. Personally, I’m developing my own ui kit for oF, but right now I’m far from making grids with reusable cell properties and anchors.

Thanks. Makes sense.

Also, I see there is Awesomium support. Anyone tried it? How is the performance?