Is master branch 090? problems with abstract classes

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happy to be coming back to OF since before the last release. Just wanted to clarify that I should be sticking to the downloads of the last release for production. Is the current master branch implementing changes in preparation for the 090 release?

I am noticing a few differences trying to put together a simple app. One problematic one is that I get a lot of errors when trying to compile ofxMSAInteractiveObject or ofxTweenzor that I don’t get with OF 084. At least the ofxMSAInteractiveObject errors seem to be related to handling Abstract classes.

Any clarification on this or how to catch up on where OF is at and where it’s heading would be great.


one of the most breaking changes in OF 0.9 is const corrrectness. some abstract classes now declare some methods as const or take const parameters, which will break old code. you should take a look at the new abstract classes and change your classes accordingly.

in most cases it just requires adding a const at the end of some functions. if you are changing variables in functions that are now const, you should try to move those changes to other places. for example if you are changing something in draw you should probably change it in update instead.

in some cases you’ll really want to change something in a const function, for example you cache a calculation when you draw something for the first time, in that cases you can mark those variables as mutable.

Thanks Arturo, I’ll work with the last release for now but will study up on that and have a tinker with the master branch again soon. Is there something else I should look at to keep up with 090 changes or is this forum it?

The ofxTweenzor issues seem to be something else but I might tackle that again later as a separate issue.

Hi,nay.I met the same problem on the ofxMSAInteractiveObject .Have you fix it yet?

ofxFx is broken too…

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