Is Lewis Lepton's tutorial still relevant?

Lewis Lepton has a great video series about openFrameworks, however the videos are from 2015 and of course using an older version of OF. Is the series still worth watching for someone with no experience with OF? And more importantly is it still relevant in terms of new syntax and other changes to OF since 2015?


I haven’t seen them but I would say most likely.

If you are just beginning I would probably use the same version they are using and then try the newer version of OF later.

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Yes. He covers the basics (in a fun way), and those basics are still very much relevant.
Some of the methods he uses are now marked deprecated (for example, ofCircle() is now ofDrawCircle()) - the old way still works, but your IDE (and/or the compiler) will give you a warning, and tell you the new way. Fixing those might be a good exercise :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips @edovino & @jvcleave :slight_smile: