Is it possible to use the sound from ofVideoPlayer or ofSoundPlayer as audio input?

Or to process it in another way? Actually I would like to use the soundstreams with ofxPd. Is that possible somehow?

Hi, for using a sound player I recommend you using either ofxSoundObjects or ofxPDSP. As for the video player, I am not sure. I think that has been discussed here in the forum.

if you use ofxSoundObjects, just make a new class that extends ofxSoundObject in which you instance ofxPD, then add the audio call backs to this class, which should look very similar to the ones you make in ofApp when you instance ofxPd in it. Then just take a look at the sound player examples and connect the sound player, or whichever other sound object to an instance of this new class.
Take a look at the sound objects included in ofxSoundObjects so you have an idea on how to implement your own class

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@roymacdonald Hi. Thank you. I will try that.