Is it possible to use OF in iOS as a library with native iOS GUI?

Is it possible to use OF in iOS as a library with native iOS GUI ?

I want to add OF in an existing iOS app and send images/video to OF to process it and return the result.

I’m a beginner and I’m trying to find out if OF is the right tool for this task. The benefit is that OF has a large community and a big number of great examples for cool effects.

I appreciate your help!

Hi, it should be possible. Have you checked the examples/ios/ folder?

In we mixed OF GUI with native GUI, but I can’t give many more details because it was my partner who did that part.

Thank you @hamoid for the quick response, we are going to check all the ios examples. If you can provide more details it would be very helpful :blush:
Your app looks great :clap:

Thank you @elcapix :slight_smile: These may be good examples to check out: iPhoneGuiExample and iosNativeExample.

I just re-read your question, and you mentioned an existing app. I had not noticed that detail and thought that it is indeed possible to combine both worlds, but I don’t know how one would go about adding OF to an existing app. We always started with OF and added native components or methods to it using the AppDelegate from the second example above.

For instance, the whole part of social network sharing happens in native code in ObjC, as do some confirmation dialogs and text inputs (in WTL). We also did another app in which we capture live video with OF, process it with a shader, and at the end forward the frames to native iOS code to do the video exporting, because it is easier using native functions on iOS.