Is it possible to use libusb and a video grabber at same time?


Yesterday I found this repo “libuvc” and I started to try to integrate it with OF.
I only want to use libuvc to control the USB camera parameter (exposure, gain, …), not grab the video frames.

I have a beginning of a project that compile fine on Xcode but realised that I can’t use both a video grabber and use libuvc at same time: libuvc uses libusb and requires exclusive access to the USB device. It of course gives me this error:

[ error ] ofQTKitGrabber: failed to open the video device input: The device “HD Pro Webcam C920” could not be opened because it is in use by another application.

It seems that to be able to use libuvc, I need to get a libusb device handle or similar information. But is this even possible?
Do you think there is a way to make this work or am I heading the wrong way?