Is it possible to play a live video stream with of 0.9.3 on windows?

I was experimenting a little with ofVideoPlayer, trying to play a live video stream from the Internet, without any luck so far.

From what I could read it should be enough to create a regular ofVideoPlayer object and pass the stream url to its load() method, then update() and draw() as for local video files.

All the streams I could find result in this error:

Error occured while playing or pausing or opening the file [ error ] ofDirectShowPlayer: Cannot load video of this file type. Make sure you have codecs installed on your system. OF recommends the free K-Lite Codec pack.

of course the codec pack is installed, and the streams play fine in VLC.

So is the problem in the streams format, that cannot be played by directshow? Or may be a different codec is needed?

Is there a working example somewhere I could use as a starting point?


PS the stream links I’m trying to open are taken from those listed here. Not all of them work in VLC but most do.

It depends on your ofVideoPlayer implementation. ofDirectShowPlayer apparently doesn’t support it. You can try out other video players instead. See also: ofxGstRTP for receiving H.264 video streams?