Is it possible to get the area of a mesh?

Is it possible to get the area of a mesh, for instance an imaginary containing rectangle?


Not sure if you’re talking about computing volume or a bounding box/volume. Or do you want a 2D rectangle that contains the mesh?


Is this for 2D or 3D?

For 3D something like this would give you a bounding box for a list of points, calculating the area (well, volume in 3D) is then just a matter of width * height * depth.

	// --------------------------------------------
	void calculateAABoundingBox( vector<ofVec3f>& _points )
		ofVec3f min(  99999999999999999,  99999999999999999,  99999999999999999 );
		ofVec3f max( -99999999999999999, -99999999999999999, -99999999999999999 );

		for( unsigned int i = 0; i < _points.size(); i++ )
			ofVec3f p =;

			min.x = MIN( min.x, p.x );
			min.y = MIN( min.y, p.y );
			min.z = MIN( min.z, p.z );

			max.x = MAX( max.x, p.x );
			max.y = MAX( max.y, p.y );
			max.z = MAX( max.z, p.z );

		setSize( max - min );
		setPosition( min.getInterpolated( max, 0.5f ) );

@hahakid Wonderful - thanks!

@hahakid not sure if I understand what setSize(min-max) is doing?

ignore me - understand it now!

No worries, should have posted the whole thing, here we go:

And one for Oriented Bounding Boxes, though it won’t calculate an oriented bounding box for you, just for checking if points are inside.

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Cheers - got your original snippet plugged in and working great. Thanks again.