Is it possible to create multiple windows using ofxUI?

While making a GUI using ofxUI, can we create more than one window like some GUIs of applications?For example, in Codeblocks,when you click “Tools->Configure Tools” a little window is opened/created while the main window of Codeblocks is still visible in the background…

I don’t think ofxUI has nothing to do with that. You should check the windowing system under the hood, look at this post. I believe it will not be officially supported until 0.9.0

Thanks for your answer. Actually I had looked at that post before posting my question,but I thought that maybe there was no relation between ofxUI and GLFW and thought that maybe it was possible to use more than one windows with ofxUI.Actually,what does GLFW mean?

But from your answer I understood that it is not possible yet. You cleared my confusion,thanks.

No probs! GLFW (I believe it stands for Graphics Library Framework) is the windowing and OpenGL context management system. So it’s a pretty important part of any graphical OF application. I don’t really have much experience with it further than what’s on the surface in OF.