Is it possible to control 2 of enttec dmx pro usb, simultaneously?

is it possible to control 2 of enttec dmx pro usb, simultenously?

now I’m researching for new project that controlling over hundres of DMX lighting.
venue already configured with DMX controller and lights. and configured with 2 universe of DMX 512 channels.

we don’t use that DMX controller. it’s just playing predefined patch. instead we wanna controlling lights dynamically.
so, we just want to send DMX signal with “enttec DMX usb pro mk2”
but problem is that it’s hard to get that device here. (out of stock in offline shop)

as found in here and github, with ofxDMX is working well with “enttec DMX usb pro mk2”, and “enttec DMX usb pro”
but I’m not sure it’s working with multiple “enttec DMX usb pro”

anyone can confirm this ?
we’ll using MAC sierra.
thanks in advance.

I haven’t tried to use 2 “Enttec DMX USB PRO” at same time but I am pretty sure it should be fine. The addon uses ofSerial so just need to initialise each device with correct id.

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@Meach thanks for replying. like you said I guess so but still I want to make sure that it works before I buy it :slight_smile: