Is it possible to compile OF 0.9.8 on Raspbian Stretch?

Hi, I’m trying to use OF 0.9.8 on Raspberry Pi 3.

Firstly, I’m having trouble installing poco using

Is there any work around to this? Or is it simply not possible to use 0.9.8 on Stretch?

Thanks in advance…

You have to use 0.9.8 Nightly. Please follow this guide.

Hi, Thanks.
You mean the latest nightly which is 0.10.0 and not 0.9.8?

Oh dayum, didn’t realise the 0.10 nightlies were out (also yay, 0.10 nightlies are out!) - I used 0.9.8 nightly for the guide but probably should be fine with the 0.10 nightly as well.

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