Is it possible to compile cairo-static.lib from source?

Hi friends,
in the process of building a dll using openFrameworks (to be used as a plugin in VJ software) I encountered what seems to be a weird problem: the cairo library exports a bunch of symbols (actually 300) that end up in the dll.

I’d like to avoid that and keep the export table clean, but the library (cairo-static.lib) comes prebuilt and does not have the source code to modify. May be I am missing something trivial, but is it possible to build it from source instead of using the provided one? I had a look at cairo website, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do this.


the easiest would be to remove anything that has to do with cairo, the dependencies are only ofCairoRenderer and a couple of calls in ofGraphics,cpp

I’ll try that, thanks

After a fairly large amount of time spent trying to purge all the cairo stuff from OF I managed to build everything, the entries were gone from the dll but it still was not loading. This has been useful anyway because it let me focus on the real problem, that was the host not liking the second-order dlls (called from the main plugin one) to be in the same directory of the plugin. Moving them to an appropriate place did the trick, and now I can say that a working (at least partially may be) version of ofxFFGLplugin is there to test on windows too :slight_smile: