Is it possible to compile a Mac source on a Windows machine?


I’m on a Windows machine and I really wanted to try out Graffiti Analysis 3.0.
But since it’s only available for Mac, I wanted to try to compile it and run it on Windows. Is it fleeceable or should I just give up?

And maybe this is a dumb question… But what I tried, was just replacing the scr folder from Graffiti Analysis source folder to the one in “apps\examples\emptyExample”
And tried to make it with the emptyExample.workspace file, it gave me this error:

Am I doing it all wrong?
Thanks for your any inputs.

This is the source I want to try to compile:…-ves/master
(This is the first time I have touched openframeworks.)

Hi splank,

You should be able to compile on windows without too much trouble. It looks like your problem is that the compiler doesn’t know where to find the the #include’ed source files – you have to tell it. In Codeblocks, you can do this by going project->build options->search directories. Then click ‘add’ and find the directory containing for instance ‘grafTagMulti.h’ . The source files could be spread across several directories, and you will need to add them all.

The grafitti analysis website seems to distribute windows resources, including full source for the 2.0 version:, which might point you in the right direction.