Is it Ok to do a PR to add very obvious info for beginners?

Some of us beginners have to deal with C++, Qtcreator, builds and runs etc from scratch, all besides learning OF, and sometimes things that are obvious to programmers become big blockers for non-programmers.

So for example I just spent literally an hour trying to figure out why building in qtcreator was failing --even opening a new .qbs was giving me a fatal error message. And then in some random github thread someone mentioned the qbs package and it clicked, installed and voila, works as advertised.

My first reaction was to ask here an addition of a simple line explaining this for linux users, but I can push it myself in a PR, just not sure what the level of desired involvement of a non-programmer making PRs is around here.

I thought I’d ask because I suspect PRs from total OF newbies can be helpful to reduce workload of devs here focusing on real bugs, while lowering the bar of adoption amongst us by explaining things in a friendlier way.

qbs is bundled with QTCreator package you can download following the instructions in the download/setup page
If you choose to setup your own development environment, expect various problem like the one you spotted.
So i’d suggest to follow the environment/setup instructions as close as possible.



Yup I read the instructions, but the recommendation is to install directly to avoid outdated versions (and access the clang plugin) --no mention of a core dependency to be on the lookout for, which seems pretty relevant info to make an informed decision whether to follow the recommendation or not (and to troubleshoot down the line).

My suggestion is that It would be helpful to add one sentence that if you chose to install separately make sure you have qbs installed. Listing a core dependency explicitly is reasonable and trivial to add.


@xkwz, Yes, please submit a PR. Every contribution is welcome even for a single line of documentation.

@oxillo ok cheers, just did a PR for a very simple addition to the linux qtcreator page, didn’t find any options to add reviewers tough might have missed that.