Is high cpu usage common with videoGrabber at 1280x720?

Hi! Is to be expected that the videoGrabber example at 1280x720 show >110% cpu usage on an iPad?

I measured ~75% of it going into just having the camera on (without calling update), and the rest to the grabber update method.

These are are from my own app, not from the video grabber example:

I tried setting different frame rates for the grabber, but the value seems to be ignored (it looks the same and uses the same cpu with 30, 15 and 5).

Anyone has done iOS apps with the videoGrabber? Any optimization tips? Not that it’s necessary, but it would be nice to eat less :battery: :slight_smile:

perhaps open an issue in github, it really seems like a lot of cpu usage just to display the camera but i have no experience with ios