Is current oF working with VS 2019?

I’m teaching a course that uses oF and my institution is keen to move to Visual Studio 2019 over the summer (we’re currently on 2017).

Is oF already tested and working with VS 2019? If not, have any issues been found in the wild?

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I’ve just upgraded from VS 2017 to VS219 (both are Community edition). When I opened an existing OF project in VS 2019 it prompted me to re-target the solution build tools to v142. After that the program compiled and ran without an issues.

Note that after the re-target I am no longer able to build the program using VS 2017, but that shouldn’t matter as I’ll use VS 2019 from now on.

Please me know if you run in any issues using VS 2019.

I went to create a fresh new oF project and realized that although I can open and compile projects using VS 2019, the oF plugin is only for VS 2017.

This means that new projects need to be first created using VS 2017 and then opened in (and retargetted for) VS 2019.