Is automatic phone call possible?

Hi all,
I am doing my final assignment with openFrameworks on iPhone which has to be done on middle of May. I am an art student and an absolute beginner. I would love to know if it is possible to make automatic phone call, record the phone call, and affect the quality of phone call?

Can anyone tell me how to do it if possible, I mean, what addons or libraries can be used, or any similar examples for that?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t quote me on this but outside of having a jailbroken phone (and even with that I’m not sure) I don’t think you can do this. This would involve hacking the iPhone interface with voice calls which is definitely not in the API…you could create something similar to skype however I would think that mimics a phone call over IP…but if you are a beginner I think this might pretty hard to do, specially given that timeframe

Maybe you want to fake it some other way as a prototype?


So, do you mean this is not the API level, that something from lower level? I have do some research that show jb phone could do automatic phone call using tel://. However, I am also a beginner of objective-c.

is it possible to do something similar to skype without the live streaming video part? is that possible for oF to do something similar? Thanks.


yes, you can PLACE a call more or less, I don’t know if it actually executes or just pushes it to the phone app and oyu have to hit dial, text messaging sorta works like this as well. The question though for what you’re doing is having control over that operation once you place the call. It will open up the iPhone phone application, and you won’t get any of the data from that. I believe if you jailbreak your phone you could probably get into the core APIs that you aren’t really allowed to use with apples user agreement, however if you don’t know Obj-c and are a beginner, I don’t see you getting this done by mid-may, it will be a lot of technical work.

As far as skype is concerned their app doesn’t stream video just audio. Anything is technically possible more or less with a jailbroken iPhone and Obj-c or C++/OF, but its not something that will just be built in and ready to go.

As a fellow student, I’d suggest you work on a prototype that simulates what you are talking about, otherwise you’re gonna spend all your time just trying to make basic things work and you won’t have much to show… Maybe load in sound files of conversations and run your audio effects on the clips and make an interface to control them.

Anything is possible given any amount of time, but when you have a timeline as short as you are indicating and little experience with obj-c or C++ you’re gonna kill yourself working on the technical parts…

Hope that helps, just my two cents obviously you know yourself and I don’t so if you think you can do it in the timeframe then go for it and would love to see when you’re done :slight_smile: