irrklang or other audioprocessing libs

hallo, i’d like to ask if it is planed to include something like the irrklang libs.
i think irrklang is good for adding soundeffects to samples. another nice gimick would be the including of audiosynthesis libs.

some infos about irrklang:

thanks for OF…
have a nice day…

I’ve seen irrklang before and it looks good. However most of the features, including the DSP effects are just replicating the FMOD library, and their licensing terms are similar (although irrklang looks cheaper). OF uses FMOD at the moment for its sample playback API and hasn’t exposed many of the other features of FMOD (such as sound effects) so if you feel like hacking you could add some stuff yourself. Just download the FMOD API and look at the sample applications…it’s pretty easy.

Over the summer when i have some time I plan to overhaul the OF sound engine so that you can plug in different sound APIs…and hopefully try and unify the sound engine as a whole.

i will give it a try. i dont need many effects or filters just some simple standarts.