IRC Channel as an extension to this great forum

Dear forum members,

I hereby announce a “Chatterbox” (IRC-Channel) as an extension to this great forum. This can be an even quicker way of get answers, especially, when you new to openFrameworks (my motivation of creating it).

Solution and Solved issues can still be added to the forum (otherwise called “Library of Q/A”).


Beside Q/A, there is always something to talk about hackathons, code battles, computational arts and creative coding.

Best wishes,

There is already an OF IRC channel on freenode — #openframeworks

Yes, I know. But this one has a strict order of topics they work on. At least, that is what I am getting from. Might be a developer meeting point.

I rather thought of us beginners, who are working on projects and get stuck, so we can help each other to get on with our projects fast…just like this forum. An alternative place for Q/A.

@kylemcdonald maybe you can help clarify?

Hey @jmasterj :slight_smile: We’re always open to new ways for OF contributors and users to connect. Right now here’s what’s available:

  1. This forum
  2. The freenode #openframeworks channel. This is where we have IRC meetings once a month, but it’s also got a lot of people who just hang out and sometimes are free to give feedback, answer questions, etc.
  3. The of-dev mailing list, which has a link to register here (it’s only for discussion where OF is headed, and not really the right place for asking questions or debugging things).
  4. OF Slack which may or may not take off, it looks like it hasn’t been very active recently.

If there’s something you’d like to see in one of these places that’s not there, maybe we can try to make it better first before we start something completely new :slight_smile:

have you been put off by a left-over topic heading from a dev meeting? @kylemcdonald maybe we should pay more attention to remove those after the meetings?
#openframeworks is absolutely not only for OF developers, but for users, too! I think, considering the low occupancy numbers whenever I am in, that we shouldn’t dilute IRC presence with yet another channel. (We had #of-dev before, but decided to move the meetings over to the #openframeworks channel, so that users had more chance to interact with devs and get to know our development process. Or something like that ^^)

aha, i totally forgot about removing the agenda link in the header. great point, that was definitely part of the issue. it’s gone now :slight_smile:

Ah nice, I understand and many thanks for your replies. Yes bilderbuchi, I was confused through the header.

I will delete the channel and maybe meet you for a chat on #openframeworks :smile:

pulling this back up…

I’ve just noticed that theres a slack account, how do i gain access without an email address?

From the github page

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great, thanks!!