IR Light Diffuser

Recently I bought a PointGrey Flea3 cam and I am just having some fun with it, for now. I am experimenting in lighting a room with IR light and getting a full person blob. I have a cheap IR illuminator, like that one:

I am of course, I have problems with hot spots, so I made a research and what I found out is that I need some kind of a diffuse glass, to put over the emitter. I tried several material I found at home, including a glass, I took from my ceiling lighting, but could not find anything that will do a good job, for example most of things I tried, kills the light intesity, but it does not diffuse it around the room.

Does anybody have any experience or ideas about a glass that will do that job, or do I need a fancier IR emitter, like this one for example:


What kind of problems do you have, can you post a snapshot.

And what do you want to track?

Post your results so that everybody here can see it, and you will also get the correct method for doing it.

Hi all,

I am just new to this forum. But much interested to gain the knowledge regarding the IR Light Diffuser & IR illuminator related topics. So Kamend, please share your experience with us.