IR laser pointers


just wondering if anyone has experience with IR laser pointers for tracking over a projection.
appears that most people here stick to using the standard laser pointers.

was thinking IR would work much better with an IR camera over a projection but then not sure about distances it can cover and brightness.

would be great to hear some thoughts / experiences.

thx, L.


Im using IR laser pointers at the moment for our new dance performance. I use two laser pointers from aixiz, with 90° line lens on it that generates a “carpet” of infrared light just above the stage, where we project on it. It gives really nice results! I’m able to track the dancers foot position very accurate.

Jonas Jongejan

Yea I used exactly that, IR Laser pointers mounted on the headstock of guitars, and tracked where they hit the projection screen. Was for this project
(the color lasers were for the people to see and not tracked, I tracked the IR lasers which were also in there). They were 5mW lasers off ebay.

P.S. the 90° line lens over the floor sounds like a great idea! Like LLP but for whole body tracking!

sweet, thx for the tips guys.
ive just purchased a couple 850nm 10mW 3.2VDC Laser Modules from AixiZ along with a couple line generators to play with.

Jonas, with the floor tracking setup, just trying to get my head around it…
im imagining that the IR laser lines run parallel to the surface of the floor, a couple centimeres of the ground?
and is the camera positioned above the floor pointing down?
so what does the camera then see, the IR light as it catches someone walking through?


Yes its generating a line just above the floor, though im using some 80mw lasers. But less should do something aswell… The camera and projector is positioned in the corner of the room, so projecting in a strange angle (with a projector from the opposite corner to cancel shadows, projecting the same image keystoned). And the blob tracker returns positions of the foots.