IR Installation tracking


I’m designing an installation with a tracking from above, and I’m trying to find the best way to do it.

The tracking space has to be 6m by 4m. There is a video projection on it, so I need to be able to separate people from the ground ( one person at a time).

There is extensive posts on the forum about it, but nothing really recent.
It seem like there is plenty of way to do it.

So what is the best way of going about it with recents technologies?

  • IR:
    From this post it seems like IR is a good option, and using a floor which absorb the IR light would be a start.

From my researches, is it relevant to use a Point Grey camera Fley 3?
Using this fork of ofxLibdc? ( 2 years old, so maybe not up to date…?).

The latest post about it seem to point towards other cameras rather than a Point Grey?
-and the use of ethernet cables for the data like @stephanschulz suggested here-

  • Pi noir infrared camera
    @alanjacob used a pi noir camera apprently here. Was it enough to track a surface like mine (6m x 4m)?

Is there any other option I have missed fr the cameras? ( brio maybe?).

What would be the best way to separate the video projection from the people on the frames if I’m not using infrared?



true I really like this usb cameras in custom housing that allow for cs mount and c mount lenses. they even have the brio housing.

I have also lately used some Marshall cameras which can be set to night vision; i.e. ir pass filter is automatically moved inn place.

  • Marshall Electronics CV345-CS HD 2.5MP 3G-SDI/HDMI Compact Progressive Camera, MFR # CV345-CS
  • Marshall Electronics CV380-CS 4K 8.5MP 6G-SDI & HDMI CS/C-Mount Compact Camera, MFR # CV380-CS

I made this add-on to change it’s settings remotely

I use these IR illuminators + correct power supply to flood the scene

Even if the floor is not super ir absorbent blob tracking usually work pretty well.
Here a photo of what my camera usually sees

good luck

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as an alternative, i was able to track a 8x8m from above using a pimoroni 160° fisheye camera for the raspberry pi, the code for the device is in this repo :

in the “hardware” and “infrared” folders there are more info about the setup

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thanks @stephanschulz for the hints.

I’ll definitely check those out, seems like a decent alternative, not too expensive either.

@npisanti thanks!
I’ll try your way too since I just need the camera, and the camera light filters, and it would be a cut in the budget too I guess…


I have been using very similar setups to @stephanschulz

RayMax IR are really the bees knees when it comes to IR lighting.
Get the wide IR LED FOV variants so you get nice even lighting.

The Marshall is also really good too - we used it with this grabber for driverless integration with OF:

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let me know if you need more info about the ofxClayblocks setup or code, i made the documentation mostly to annotate all the things i could have forgotten in future

@theo thanks, will look into it.

I still have just over 2 weeks to pick a method, I’ll keep you posted here.( thanks for offering @npisanti), I’ll let you know.