in my testApp I am trying to use the line:


to set the screen orientation so that all of my elements are properly placed. I am trying to modify one of the great pong examples provided by zach and memo at art&&code but whenever this command is in the code it says it has not been declared in this scope. note that the example is complex and all of the other dependancies and libraries are being accessed no problem. I am using the latest version from memo’s github page. Any idea why this command is failing?

are you including ofxiPhoneExtras.h?

To be able to include that header file, and not have any compile problems, you also need to rename your testApp.cpp to testApp.mm

when i include ofxiPhoneExtras.h to the testApp.h file i get 3532 errors mostly with the various NS objects most of which are “Stray ‘@’ in program”. and i am using the .mm extension.

ah, if you’re including it in your testApp.h, then you need to rename main.cpp to main.mm as well. Any cpp that includes iPHoneExtras.h directly or indirectly (i.e. through including another header) needs to be a .mm.

ok sorry i figured it out. great…i was in the midst of asking for just that clarification!
thanks for the help memo.