iPhone Simulator not Playing Sound (fmod issues?)

Hi I have Issues with the iPhone Simulator, the thing does not play any sound

I only use functions from the ofSound api:
ofSoundPlayer mySound;

from the manual, the use of these functions seem very obvious, they also compile, they also seem to run on the iPhone simulator without any exceptions or console error output

I understand there are some licensing issues around fmod, but before I dig into code

  • do I have to install fmode separately?
  • is it wiser to use something different? (alternative library OpenAL)
  • is there a tutorial or any thing around OF iPhone and sound?

please help :slight_smile:

check out this thread: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/loadsound-working/1822/0

fmod has not been ported to the phone yet, so that is why your audio is not playing.

many thanks, should have read to the very end of the iPhone document on wiki (was too excited about the simplicity provided by OF)