iphone selling discussion

just a few links for iphone ofw peeps who want to sell apps.

apple charge 30%, but if a customer wants a refund, you have to cover 100% of the refund…

there seem to be a lot of developers getting paid very late, the wrong amounts and bad customer service from apple…

you also have to register with the US irs so that they dont without tax

would be interesting to hear from anyone who has sold on the app store and any problems they have had.

I live in the usa, so I dont know about dealing with them being overrseas, but:

i’ve never had any problem getting paid. they pay you at the end of each month if any of your sales for the previous month in a given region have gone over 250$.

if they havent then they wait until the end of the year or until the sales for the region go over 250.

customer service is awful though, and its very difficult to actually get in touch with anyone