iPhone project files and XCode 4


Just curious about this. I noticed on a couple of the XCode projects included in the iPhone download that I had to go into the the build settings and do some cleanup of the libraries. Once it could find the universal version of libraries so couldn’t build armv7, another time it referred to old file names (or wrong platform?) of GLU. The empty example even had entries for the Windows and linux libraries which weren’t even included in the download.

Did anyone else run into this? Is there something I’m doing wrong? I was able to get everything working eventually but I just want to be sure there isn’t something obvious I missed in all of this.

Thank you,

On another note: XCode 4 likes to freeze when you try to build .cpp files that include a header that happens to contain ObjC code. Found this out the hard way… :’(

I have had no problem building the sample apps with Xcode 4. I cannot get them to run in the simulator though. I tell it to run but it just builds and quits. i haven’t tried it with a device yet.

Were you able to get an app up and running?

Having exactly the same issue. Simulator wouldn’t launch. Any joy anyone?

I’ve only been able to get it running on device. The simulator requires the x86 version of the libraries be linked. I’m sure I could hack together something that would work but I figured I’d wait to see if it got resolved in 07.

Alright, changing “Mac OS Deployment Target” from 10.5 to 10.6 in Build Settings seems to be a fix in my case. Simulator launching OK now :wink: