iPhone OS 4.0 - Terms of Service 3.3.1

Hi there,

Does anyone have a clue whether clause 3.3.1 will prevent people from publishing iPhone apps based on OFX?

some discussion from Appcelerator: http://bit.ly/cG7zB9

“Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited.”


this has become a common question over the past few days.

theres nothing to worry about.

OpenFrameworks is just a c++ library. It’s not a compatibility layer or a cross compiler. Apple has nothing ruled against c++ libraries and if they ever did it would be a huge insane disaster because it would effectively ban anything that apple didn’t explicitly implement (twitter, cocos2d, etc.) e.g. it would never ever happen.

e.g. it would never ever happen.

It could happen, it’s quite likely they will introduce a new clause: "you are not allowed to use any library - even if C++ or even Objective C - which makes your life easier, and is open-source and generally aimed at helping communities develop better applications. "

Hahaha - true. That would be in line with their policy changes

So have any of you actually gotten the beta working? Just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

other possible things apple could have said:
“no functions may be called, except those explicitly provided to you.”

sad sad stuff. The iPad is such a perfect platform for a learning tool, it is unfortunate that they don’t want people to learn programming on it.