iphone developers license - how many computers ?


I have got the iPhone OF simulations working… Great. Thanks everyone for their hardwork.

I am going to take the legit way of putting an app on the phone and am about to bite the bullet and pay the $99

Does anyone know if this can be shared. Say you work in partnership with someone. Can you run the “standard program” on two computers ? Or does that require signing up to the Enterprise edition.

Excuse the Apple question but I can’t find the answer their and I am assuming many of you are working in small groups too.

Many thanks


why do you need two licenses? you can install the SDK and simulator on as many computers as you like without paying. you only need the keys if you want to actually debug on the device itself (since you can do an Ad Hoc Distribution if you just want to try it on multiple devices). the simulator is really good, so you don’t really need to use an actual device except for at the very end or for hardware-specific things like sound and camera input…


Thanks for that Damian,

I am doing some work with the touch screen so I really need to get a feel for the interface and see how its working on a phone.

I have the SDK and simulator working and now want to try it on a phone.

I have a friend that I work with who is in the situation so I am wondering if we can share one license or is the license computer specific.

Hope that makes sense.



you can share one license.

You’ll just have to share the private key that you generate for your computer with your friend