iPad Simulator EXTREMELY slow, is this normal?

I have more or less completed the iPhone version of an app. It runs beautifully in the simulator and the device at 60fps (retina not enabled).

Since I’m trying to make an universal app, I started testing it out in the iPad simulator, at 1024x768 resolution. The problem is, the same code, only with the resource images changed (to higher resolution ones) work at around 1fps in the simulator. In my draw loop, I just draw a 1024*768 image (png) at 0, 0 and draw a transparent circle over it. The simulator is basically useless in this setting. Is this normal and expected? I can’t test with a real device just now but I wanted to see if someone else experienced this type of thing before.

The simulator can run slow (I think especially for openGL types apps). My apps usually run slower on iPad simulator. I wouldn’t ever use the simulator to gauge performance though because it’s a really poor indicator. It’s always best to test performance on a device.

Could you post the important pieces of the code from your run loop?

I’m not sure this would cause a slow down, but just as an example, are you reinitializing your image every time in the run loop? Or something along those lines?