Ipad Prototyping


Somehow I´m not able to find an answer. Is it possible to run openFrameworks Prototypen directly on a connected Ipad instead of the simulator without having a developers account from apple. Somehow I recall reading about it but cant find it again. If So, is there an up to date tutorial on how to do it?

thanx in advance

Notes from our school’s course that uses oF + iPad/iPhone is probably the best I can point you to now, someone should really update the guide on the main oF page. Ugh, maybe I’ll do it this weekend.


thank you, after a little fight with xcode I got a few examples running on the Ipad. I´m new to Ipad Developing. In the end it wasn´t that hard but lots of the example stuff seems depricated and this signing stuff couldn´t be more intransparent. Have to change App ID every single time or xcode refuses to create certificates.
Hope to gain more insight with time. Any recommendations on tutorials especially for OF IOS?


Yes the App ID thing is a bit of a PITA. As far as I know, the ID needs to be a unique string for each user. Also, in the free developer account, Apple has a bunch of restrictions which they don’t seem to be even publishing anywhere - there are limitations of how many IDs you can have in total and how long they are valid. A trick I know is to keep three unique strings for yourself and always keep reusing those, then you won’t hit the limitations on the total number of app IDs they allow. There’s lots of articles on this on stackoverflow but no one seems to know the exact limitations that Apple offers. If you open up the Devices window from Xcode, you can see the ones that are currently in use on the iPad though - make a note of them and keep reusing those!

Don’t worry too much about the warnings. As long as the app runs, it’s just better to ignore those!

The same link that I shared earlier has a git repo under Planned exercises those are nice to go through, and of course the examples folder in oF itself! Two things that will confuse you,

  1. Multitouch not working, touch.id always returning 0, etc. For that to work, you need to put in settings.enableMultiTouch = true in the main.mm file.

  2. ofxAccelorometer not working. Well, it’s not working. You need to use the ofxCoreMotion addon.

I’m doing some active development on the iPad currently, been running into a few issues but mostly been navigating my way around them…

Great that you got stuff working though!