iPad Pro 3rd Generation - GUI / touch position bug?

Hello, I am having trouble hunting a bug from one of my users.

“Works great on my iPhone but something messed up about touch screen on iPad. Seems like I can only sometimes get it to react and when it does it’s for a button that I wasn’t tapping on.”

They are using an iPad Pro 3rd Generation. They say it works fine on their iPhone, and it works fine on my iPad Pro 2nd Generation. When creating the app I really had it in mind for iPhone’s. So in XCode I don’t have iPad checked in the compatability section so it is just scaling up the iPhone app on the iPad.

Before, I had the issue that I accidentally had portrait and landscape modes selected, so when starting up the app in the landscape the GUI would attempt to fit. I have since solved this, but the issue still remains with the user.

I am unsure how to proceed since I have no way of recreating the bug. It seems as if this is a change in how Apple is handling the scaling on the iPad Pro 3rd Generation? Has anyone else encountered this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, your App is built for iPhone or universal ?

Just iPhone. Thats what is checked in XCode.

Then it is normal to NOT work on iPad. I have some iPhone apps installed on iPad 6 and they dont work as I thought, because they are not build for iPad.

You have two options:
1- To leave as is and contact your user and explain that your App is build to run only for iPhone.
2- To build your app universal, and release new update as universal.

Yes, that makes sense… Except that it doesn’t?

I have tested my app on 2 different iPads, just not the one in question. When the iPad is not selected in deployment info, the app will still run on iPad but just scales it as an iPhone app.

Like I said, it works as intendend on all iPad models - just not the iPad Pro 3rd Generation… Is it even possible to not allow iPads to download an app from the app store?