iPad instrument

a professor i used to study under just contacted me, he’s looking for a developer interested in creating “a musical instrument app for iPad” that would be “Based on classical music content and fine expressive control over performance.”

i think he has a more thorough idea but he’d rather talk to people directly instead of posting it in public.

if you’re familiar with + interested in this kind of work, i definitely recommend contacting him: http://www.arts.rpi.edu/pl/faculty-staff/michael-century century@rpi.edu or contact me and i can put you in touch.

Thanks Kyle, I may be interested. I’ve been working on a new instrument/controller, so maybe it fits similarly to his idea.

I could be interested too, currently working on a sequencer/sound generator for my own use (and probably App Store spread :slight_smile:

i put seth in touch with michael already, but if it looks like someone else would be more appropriate i’ll make sure to contact you julien :slight_smile:

Thanks Kyle :slight_smile: