iPad 2 (9.3.5) + SDK 9.3 + ofxOsc not working


I have successfully compiled and tested the ofxOscSender example. Working in the simulator it send OSC messaged properly -another OF-based application running on the same computer receives the messages.

I could compiled and upload -as developer test, not from the AppStore- the ofxOscSender example to an iPad 2 (iOS 9.3.5) and open the application on the device, but it doesn’t seem to be sending any message. The application doesn’t receive anything nor does OSCulator detect any message. Ports are the ssame.

I am wonderng if there is any option that I should check to load something when compiling into my iPad 2 test.

Any help is highly appreciated!


OK, I just won the “Please, pay attention to what you are doing before posting” badge.
I was sending the OSC to localhost. When running the simulator, localhost was the same machine.
When running the app on the iPad, ti should be the IP of the machine running the OSC receiver.

Hope this helps somebody in the future…