[iOS8] Orientation Problem. Please HELP

The orientation doesn’t work properly when I compile with iOS8 SDK.
I tried everything based on these threads below but I still couldn’t make it work properly.


Has anyone successfully make “OF/examples/ios/iosOrientationExample” this project to work properly on iOS8 device?

I’m using the latest OF 0.8.4 with Xcode 6.3.1 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.
I would really really appreciate if anybody share a working version of OF on iOS8.

And one more stupid question,

Would there be any problem to use iOS7 as a Base SDK for creating an app and submitting to AppStore?

If there is no big problem, I’d rather just use iOS7 SDK instead of iOS8 because my app used to work fine on iOS7.

Can somebody confirm this please?