IOS "unordered_map" file not found --- Xcode

lsh_table.h ---- “unordered_map” file not found :sob:
What Should I DO ? Please help me !!!

sounds like you are opening an old project in a newer version of OF

You probably have to change your compiler settings to support c++11

Xcode default support for c++11,Here is a GitHub on a project, when the project will be the time to compile this problem(,This troubled me for a long time, please try to debug this project,thank you

I have same issue running the example of ofxStateMachine in OF 0.9. Re-generate the project does not help. Got issue with tr1/memory not found. Then I change the C++ standard library in Xcode to libstdC++, but then get ‘unordered_map’ not found.

Solved already. Thanks!

do you mind posting the way you solved the issue so we all learn from it?