[IOS] Trigger camera capture with wired button

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a way to trigger a camera capture with an external wired button?


My headphone has basic buttons to control for the Music app (play/pause/previous/next/volUp/volDown/).
When I use the volumeDown button with the camera app in front it take a picture or start/stop a video recording.
This could be a good starting point since the electrical impulse should be easy to reproduce.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking about too. Just not sure what that electrical impulse is or how to check it.

Apparently you just have to short the sleeve, with the ground or L/R with different resistor value (you can replace the mic with a 1.4Kohm resistor placed in parallel as the mic):


Well looking again at the schematic I think there is an error since the (-) pin of the left speaker shouldn’t be connected to RT pin and (+) pin of the Right speaker.
But I think you can simplify the circuit like this :

Thanks. I know how the hardware works just not sure how to “listen” for it in an OFX app.