IOS Reachability how to check?

I’m trying to port a project from processing to IOS using OpenFrameworks and so far that seems to go quite well:-)
However, my program needs network access, and Apple requires that the application checks for network availability and gives the user feedback about this which seems like a reasonable thing to do :slight_smile:

They provide this reachability class, but my obj.C knowledge is insufficient to implement it. Does anyone know of a c++ wrapper for this, or any other way of easily checking for network access?

kind regards,

As a very simple and hacky way of doing this you should be able to use ofURLFileLoader to load a file and test whether it downloaded anything or not. There are, of course, more “proper” ways of doing this, but that’s the simplest.

Even if you’re using openFrameworks for your iOS project, it won’t hurt to know a little objective c. The-reachability-class-Apple-provides is really very simple and the example even shows you how to call it. I would advise you to read this-document and you’ll probably know enough to use the reachability class.