IOS movieplayer example problem

Im new with OF and i wanted to try out the ios movieplayer example, but it seems right of the bat i got some problems. (To my understanding the examples should run without having to change anything, rigth ?)
The first problem i ran in to was the problem described in this post:

It seems to be a known problem and i used the solution suggested in the post, and now at least the compiler isn’t complaning anymore (not sure if it work when running because I have yet to be able to compile the project)

Now i getting 2 other errors insteed
At the ofRunApp call i get “no matching function”
And at ofiPhoneVideoPlayer video i get " unknown type name…"

I have searched around for a solution to this but it seems like i cant find one. Is this a know problem? Or is it perhaps just me that have missed something really stupid. Any input on this problem would be appriciated!

Ps. no code has been changed, except the #defines i added to solve my first problem. And i tryed the OF OSX examples and they seems to be working fine Ds.

I’m in the exact same situation. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks.

i added "new "where you create the app instance ( where ofRunApp complains, just normal c++ error. The other error was because they changed the name of the iphone player. its called ofxiosvideoPlayer not ( i think, something like that, look it up in the documentation. Dont have the of ios on this computer)