iOS landscape orientation is drawn upside down

When setting the iOS orientation mode to landscape (90_LEFT or 90_RIGHT) the window is drawn upside down (meaning touch position 0,0 is at the bottom right instead of the top left).

I’ve tested this with iosOrientationExample with iOS release version 0.10.1.

Along with this, I’ve also found that if the device is in portrait mode when the app launches the window is drawn in the correct bounds (but upside down), however if the device begins in landscape mode the window bounds are not correct.

Testing all this on an iPhone 8 running the latest iOS.

Update - I’ve managed to fix the second issue (incorrect bounds) using the changes from the iOS/RotationFixes branch on the oF github repo, however the first issue remains.

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did you make any progress with this?
I am updating an app which draws over live video. Everything is now rotated 180 as of Xcode 10, of 10.1 and iOS 12.
I found that switching off the “Vertical flip” parameter fixed the video drawing - ofSetOrientation(OF_ORIENTATION_90_RIGHT, 0); But the graphic drawing is still rotated…


Please see:

I was actually going to put a PR for this in today - just wanted to check in with some of the iOS people first - but there is a fix proposed in the discussion.

Let me know if that works for you!

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I had just worked around this by subtracting all my drawing coords from ofGetScreenWidth(). Could never figure out the whole iOS orientation thing anyway…