iOS - Internal display and external display at same time


This is my first iOS experience so I am quite new to it. For this app I am working on, is it possible to have both the internal display and output to an external display at the same time? I’ve got an iPad Air. It would be a video and some controls on the iPad and just possibly the same video on the external display.

I’ve gotten the iosExternalDisplayExample running, but it seems that when you set it to output to a second display, it kills the iPad display and its just black.


Would Apple Airplay mirroring work for your use-case?

Well it needs to be full screen on both the iPad and display. But when mirroring the screen outputs smaller as iPad display resolution and not a 16:9 image. Is there a way to stretch that to full screen?

I don’t have a solution, but I’ve spent a little time trying to figure this out, too. As far as I’ve found there’s no easy solution. The first problem is that the Lightning cables have a resolution limit (720 or 900–something less than 1080). The old 30-pin cables don’t have this issue.

There’s a couple examples projects and addons floating around, but they’re mostly out of date. I tried hacking together a solution but I ran into a lot of problems and decided to put it away.

AirPlay will work without needing to do much, but it’ll only mirror.

Thanks for looking into this further. Its a shame apple missed the target on this… But typical I suppose.

I ended up giving up on this and I just wrote an app for the iPad and an app for a PC which did the display. They just talked back and forth with UDP.

My intuition says there’s a way to get it to work, it’s just a slightly uncommon use case and Apple likes to change stuff every year or so. Most of the OF code for it predates Apple’s move toward AirPlay becoming the standard multi-screen method.

UDP almost seems like a more iOS-like way of implementing a multiscreen app now.