iOS drawing stuff (help with gles pipeline?)

A lot of things I’m trying to do on the iPad with oF iOS seems to not be working for me, things that work fine on Desktop.

Things like ofPath - setStrokeWidth() seems to have no effect. ofVboMesh keeps crashing. ofMesh not behaving like how it should. And stuff like that. :frowning:

From what I can tell this is happening due to how the iPad handles GLES and how oF is doing GLES calls? I’m happy to peek in under the hood and try to see what’s going on because I really need to get this working, can someone point me to how the pipeline is handled?

I have some idea of the openGL stack, GLES seems to be shrouded in mystery -_-

Is there a barebones examples on how to do brute force GLES draw calls? I know GLES needs an array of vertices, but it also needs shaders? Is oF loading something or should that be also defined if I’m trying to make my own draw functions? Any and all help is more than welcome, been struggling with oF drawing on the iPad for the whole of last week :cry: