iOS audio mic input no longer working in of 9.8

I’ve recently hit a major wall in my app development which uses audio input from a microphone on any iOS device and any examples that I can find.

This application I’m working on was originally developed for the mac desktop, and was remade a second time for optimization purposes, but now that the desktop version is completed, I’m porting it over to iOS.
When I was working on my first go at this application for the desktop, I thought trying to port it to iOS might be worth a try, the microphone worked as it should have without any issues (but I had trouble with shaders), I believe that was OF 9.3-ish (Around the beginning of January of this year).

However, now that OF 9.8 is out, thought that it would be alright to use that version instead. One difference I noticed from last time I tried to use the mic on on iOS, is now you need to add NSMicrophoneUsageDescription to the info.plist with a message. Run the app, accept access to the mic, and nothing is being picked up. Thought it might be my own code, so I tried to do a sanity test and one of the examples ‘audioInputExample’. Audio does play when touching the screen, but nothing gets picked up on the spectrum feedback. I tried used the addon ofxFTT with ofxFTTLive, same results. I also tried these examples on a different device, and the results are the same :frowning:

Is it just me, or is this a breaking change in 9.8? Is this happening to anyone else as of late?

— Edit —

I’ve realized my issue with the sound. My project mostly relied on ofxFTTLive, and the examples were not working because I had edited the ofxFTTLive file to be temporary before extending it with my own methods; I forgot to set it back to it’s original form :x: Which is why the examples under ofxFTT were not working at all.

But another question has come up about this forum. How do you delete a thread that you have started? Should this post be deleted?