introductions, Brooklyn

Hello, I live in Brooklyn, ny.
I have used openframeworks for 3 years.
I would like to port xwax (open-source vinyl emulation software for Linux) to openframeworks.
thank you to everyone that works on openframeworks.

welcome, lee!

i’m also really interested in seeing xwax ported/wrapped inside OF. not the whole project, but the vinyl decoding. it would be really helpful for a project i’m working on with some FAT lab members.

do you have anything ported yet?

i’m also in brooklyn. if you want to meet up some time, send me a message or email. today i’m working at a cafe in clinton hill,+brooklyn&hl=en&cid=3916079371358182256

Thank you Kyle for the welcome and I’m sorry it took me so long to notice anyone responded. I have not ported any yet. Honestly I’m standing at the bottom of the mountain. Just like coding at some point I said “I will learn” and started climbing. I want to do a few things with xwax. I have wanted to create “turntable markup language”… inspired by FAT lab…GML… As Well as I beat juggle and scratch.
I don’t want the entire project as well. I’ve done a good amount with Ms. Pinky vinyl system and OSC but all open source would be great to say the least.
I hope the offer is still open to meet.
Please Contact me.
Here’s a few turntable / OF the things I’ve done.