introducing Cosmosƒ, an advanced stochastic sound synthesis application

Dear Forum,

I would like to introduce my Cosmosƒ application (OSX only), which is a dynamic stochastic sound synthesis software realized on Openframeworks007, with the help of the Maximillian C++ Synth toolkit. There is a certain academical research behind this application. Thanks to the OF team for making programming on C++ a pleasure.

You can find information, introduction videos and demo download/purchase link on

©Sinan Bökesoy

awesome interface

Great! do you plan to release also a windows and linux version?

thank you!, it was little bit painful though, but great practice…

yes, I am thinking to release window version too, just need some time…

nice! i’m more interested in a linux version but glad to know for windows. But i hope to see more documentation for the software on your web page: it is very interesting!
good works and good luck!

Hi, if you download the Cosmosƒ demo-application at ; you can find a pdf manual about 20pages inside the zipped directory, and there are some videos at the if you missed them by chance;

thanks for your interest,

Sure i will take a look at it! thanks

WOW! it looks really great!
the interface is super neat. many congrats.
I’ll give a try to the demo.
Have you consider on doing an addon from your interface classes? it would be a great contribution.


Thanks for your comments. Yes, as you say I am willing to start to share little functional parts of the application as packages like addon, or classes on a github before the next update of the application. Not just the interface but also a stochastic function library etc…Likewise it can be improved within the community.

best wishes;