Introduce Myself

I am a beginner and a newbie and I just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. I am a web publisher and I have some ideas for some new projects and am looking forward to getting started.

Hi rthie,
I’m also a newbie and would like to say hi to everyone here.

Yep same here. Looking forward to learning and just having fun :smiley:

Hi I’m Jessica, i have three dogs, and two cats. I’m 32 years old and i’m new here. I’m now retaining my degree in computer science. Open works is a very value tool. Nice to be here.

Nice to meet everyone! I’m some what noobie also :wink: I can’t wait to start up some cool projects as well.

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I am also new here, i have just started to get into this kind of thing so i will be asking many many questions! i hope you don’t mind. Haha…

And i hope the little knowledge i have can help some of you too.


Welcome aboard

hello everyone

Hi I’m Willie, 26 years, from Rotterdam The Netherlands. I’m a beginner on the openFrameworks platform and I’m hoping to learn some good stuff on this interesting forum.

Hello everyone,

happy 2011, hope all of us will have a smooth journey all year long.

I’m just a beginner and gotta learn a lot more from you guys here!!

Hello Everyone

I am new to this site and I am coming to you from the great state of Utah. Been quite chilly here for a few days now, could really use a warm climate vacation.

hi my name is mike and im new too…

just want to say hiii too everyone


Hello to all…looking to learn and share…thank you

Same here, I’m a new member and just wanted to say hello to all! :smiley:

Hi! I am a new member of this forum site. Hope to have helpful interaction to members soon. :smiley:

Hi! Just registered here. Hope to find useful discussions soon.

Hi Jessica you forgot to mention you spam forums with sig back links :smiley:

Hi all, also a new guy here and wanted to say hi to everyone


Hello everyone I’m a newbie too just like everyone else who comes to this page. Don’t really have to say anything too intelligent either… now I’ll look around and see if I can learn something.

Hello everybody. I am really glad to be part of this community. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to it.

John Kozlowski