Interpolating between two frames


I am generating a series of images that that I am going to combine into a video. These images may not be continuous enough between frames to make the animation smooth, so, I am wondering if anyone knows any good/interesting methods (or existing oF tools) to interpolate (through whatever method *linear, etc…) between two images and generate some connecting images.



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Are you talking about interpolating between raster images (e.g. raster morphing) or are you talking about “morphing” between sets of vector points (or vector images) (e.g. vector morphing).

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Raster morphing, basically I have set of bitmaps and for each bitmap I would like to generate 29 images that transform the first frame to the second (afterwards will be the 31st and so on).

To find some code to perform raster morphing as described here could be super sweet!